Over the last year, Key West Rugby Club has developed into the premier new rugby team in Florida.  We have praise from the Florida Rugby Union, calling us the “best new club in Florida” and “setting the bar for all teams in Florida socially.”  With your assistance, we will build upon our initial success and continue prosper.

 The Key West Rugby Club has grown to over 40 active players and 25 social members in only it’s first year.  The team is a member of the national governing body for American Rugby, USA Rugby.  The Key West RFC competes locally in the Florida Rugby Union, which is comprised of 30 teams from throughout the state of Florida.  Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Naples, Sarasota, Boca Raton, Orlando And Tampa are just a few of the teams the Key West RFC competes against.  The team has already received extensive media coverage including full-page articles with color pictures in the sports sections of both major newspapers.  Additionally, the team has been covered by sports radio and has developed an on going relationship with the number one rated morning and afternoon radio shows in the Florida Keys.

During the 2004 season the Key West Rugby Club Has won numerous honors.  The team was the Florida Rugby Union Associate member Champion for 2004, completing an undefeated regular season.  Key west also placed third at he Ft. Meyer’s 7’s Rugby Tournament.  Our post game socials have consistently received high praise from visiting local and international teams.

Current, the team is seeking long-team sponsors at a variety of levels.  The Key West Rugby Club will be starting its regular season in mid January and is seeking a yearlong partnership with sponsors.  The rugby year is divided into distinct phases.  The Fall and Spring seasons are competitive for state and national titles.  The winter sees various touring teams from outside of Florida visiting; While the Summer is filled with weekend tournaments throughout the state.  The team plans to continue using innovative means to bring exposure for the team and its sponsors in each phase of the rugby year.

With sponsorship of the team, your product logo will be displayed on our uniform jersey.  As Title Sponsor, your logo is displayed in the front center of the shirt in a 10” by 6” area and on the rear of the shirt below the players’ number.  These two locations maximize exposure during playing time and are most visible in photographs and media coverage.

The Club Sponsor receives right front breast exposure in a 3” by 3” area, also a very desirable location for press exposure.  The Contributing Sponsor’s logo is placed on either sleeve in a 2” by 3” area.

The Key West RFC. will also have a team program.  The Title Sponsor will have the front cover, Club Sponsor the rear, and Contributing Sponsor will have the inside coverage.  The program will be distributed to all visiting team members; at tournaments the team takes part in; and during promotional events.  It will list frequently used services and phone numbers, hotels, restaurants and bars, and have a map with sponsor locations highlighted.

The team will take part in several festivals throughout the year to garner additional support and media exposure.  This will provide the greatest benefit for team sponsors.  At three major events during the year, Fantasy Fest, Conch Republic Independence Day in April and the Hemmingway Days Festival in July, the team will generate significant media attention.  During Fantasy Fest, the Key West Rugby Club will enter a float in the culminating parade.  The Fantasy Fest Parade draws over 75,000 spectators and receives national media coverage including CNN, and all three national network news and international print media.  The Club has already secured the services of an architect and a construction team to design and build our float.  The club will consult with the title sponsor in all phases of the float development.

During The Conch republic Independence Celebration, the Key West Rugby Club will be present at several high profile events including the first “International” Conch Republic Rugby match and the famous reenactment of the Conch Republic Naval Battle.  The Key Rugby Club will become the 269th Coastal Artillery Defense Battalion, with batteries stationed at prominent points throughout the battle area.  This battle involving tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, and other soft vegetables, kicks off a weekend celebrating Key West’s unique heritage.

Additionally, the Key West Rugby Club is in the planning stages of two tournaments.  In December of 2005, we will host our first tournament with 12 teams from throughout Florida.  In July 2005 we will host a seven’s rugby tournament in conjunction with Hemmingway Days Festival.

The sponsorship packages that are available can be tailored to meet individual needs and requirements.  Sponsorships may be in cash, product supports or a combination of the two.  The Key West Rugby Football Club is excited and energized by the possibilities of the coming season.  We look forward to working with you and creating market recognition for your product and our team.

Please contact Bill McDonough at (305)849-2753 or Joel Dos Santos at (305)923-1796 for more information.

Our Sponsor Program

THE TITLE SPONSOR of the Key West Rugby Club will receive many benefits from their participation with the team.  A donation of 5,000.00 dollars will yield the following:

*Advertising with the company logo prominently embroidered or printed across the chest (10 x 6 inch area) and on the back, above the number, of the home and away jerseys.  This placement ensures maximum media exposure.

*Lead role in the design of team’s 2005 Fantasy Fest Float, which will appear in front of 75,000 spectators and national media.  The sponsor’s product will be incorporated into the theme of the year’s event.  Additionally, we can help arrange for custom beads to be thrown from the float.

*Opportunity to hang multiple company banners around team canopy at home and away matches, and at street fair booths in which the team participates. (Provided by the sponsor and approved by Key West Rugby Club)

*Placement on the team’s high visibility lanyards presented to all participants of rugby matches and tournaments.

*A direct link from the official Key West Rugby Club website as well as prominent logo and slogan placement on the Team Homepage.

*Company name and logo mentioned as the Title Sponsor in all print media and press releases.  This includes the front cover of the team program that is distributed to all visiting teams.

*Company will receive an appreciation plaque from the Key West Rugby Club as well as VIP invitations to all team functions.

*Company will receive an honorary Key West Rugby game jersey.

THE CLUB SPONSOR of the Key West Rugby Club will receive numerous benefits from their support of the team.  A donation of 2,500.00 dollars yields the following benefits:

*Advertising with the company logo on the right front breast (3x3 area) of the home and away jersey. This placement is very desirable for press exposure.

*Opportunity to hang one banner at the Key West Rugby Club home matches

*A direct link from the official Key West Rugby Club website.

*Company name and logo mentioned in all print media. This includes the back cover of the team program that is distributed to all visiting teams.

*Company will receive an appreciation plaque from the Key West Rugby Club and VIP invitations to all team functions.

*Company will receive a Polo-style shirt courtesy of the club.

CONTRIBUTING SPONSORS of the Key West Rugby Club can become involved in supporting the team at an entry level.  A donation of 750.00 yields the following benefits:

*Advertising with the company logo on either shirt sleeve (2x3 area).

*A direct link from the official Key West Rugby website.

*Company mentioned in all print media, including team program.

*Company will receive VIP invitation to all team functions.

*Company will receive 2 Key West Rugby T-Shirts.

The Key West Rugby Club has proven its ability to garner media attention and promote its sponsors goals. Additional customized opportunities to sponsor the Key West Rugby Club and benefit from the team’s exposure are available. Please contact us with your ideas and suggestions. Thank you for your consideration.